Siddarth’s Reflective Essay

INTRODUCTION It feels like a good road trip- the entire year with Design Thinking module. Many ups and downs along the road, but finally reached the desired destination with loads of friends, happiness and with a lot of experiences and lessons to take forward in the long run. Being an architect and a former design […]

University Trade fair

The time came for the Trade fair on the 24th of January, 2019; the first exposure ground for staging our idea to the masses of the university. We made quite a good progress when it came to the product development, but with the prototype not getting ready on time because of communication issues with the […]

Change of gears to Liquisensum

There were a lot of good things that I took away from the Dragon’s Den in which we presented our product idea, Rewarm. But one thing kept boggling my mind was the fact that there needs to be a lot of research done when it comes to infusing a chemical process into a bottle. Firstly, […]

My very first Dragon’s Den!

Time arrived for all of the teams to put their ideas in showcase to front of the Dragons. Yes! It was the Dragon’s Den on the 7th of December. We started preparing a couple of days before on the posters and placards that were needed to showcase REWARM. The first day went as a quiet […]

Product Iteration 1: Rewarm

Our team Renovate had a series of group discussions after that and we shortlisted a few of the key issues that we individually wanted to address. The first problem Renovate wanted to solve was the problem of excessive plastic wastes coming from the coffee cups. Though there are many alternatives that are efficient and effective […]

The struggle to come up with ideas

Living in a generation in which technology is getting blended into everything, we as individuals tend to become lazy and dependant on doing things easier, which though is good in certain terms, is also arguably going the wrong ways too. After forming the group ‘Renovate’, our next task was to come up with the problems […]